One Track Mind

Loop her in your dreams, your memories, your every times and sometimes. Where icebergs are shaped like lost islands, and my Titanic’s been on a constant, unsinkable voyage. Hemingway’s on deck. Fitzgerald’s in the foyer. “Draw me like your French girls?” I lost Zelda back in Paris. It was a mistake to ever pair us. You’ll find me in a field, staring at those familiar eyes, waiting to close the loop. Everyone becomes the past at some point.

Send the cat back in time. He’s nothing but a nuisance; in that I haven’t really liked him since he was new, and I really knew him. I thought I knew me. Have you ever seen a DeLorean cut off an by albatross? Gull wing doors don’t mean shit to a seagull, however metaphorical. The future’s living on past’s debt. The present cure is gone, and I’m better off with Death. But I skipped that bitch’s housewarming. Didn’t even get a gift. It took everything I loved from me. Keep the receipt.

You were a drug to me. Now you’re wearing off. Turned me into Charlie. Poor Algernon. I thought there would actually be perks to being a wallflower, until I met you and saw what Roses mixed with Daisies could really power. Gatsby was a joke, Amory was an asshole, and Dick was a–wait, that shit’s too easy. It practically writes itself. We practically plagiarized. Two hearts with only one soul and no hope. I’m stuck being a hopeless. Romantic doesn’t factor in this equation of bullshit, of broken hearts, and jazz playlists.

Never knew her back in time. Now I don’t know my own timeline. Is this the darkest one? Or an alternate, in which we never met? She erased me from existence. I miss our study group. I miss making eyes at you. Watched the forever happily after turn nightmares into dreamscapes; turned time travel into mental burdens; turned memories into ashes of unwanted feelings. All I know is I want to know us forever, and never really know us. Hey Joe, I’m ready, close the loop, just point and shoot.

JacK to the Future

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